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"My daughter loves the happy flowers on her bedroom walls. Just as pretty as the real ones. :-)" (Heidi)

"I painted together with my husband. We had great fun, absolutely loved it..." (Natalie)

"I never thought I was capable of painting such a good picture." (Susan)

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DIY Murals and Paintings

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Break the frame...Yes, even you can paint a beautiful mural or painting!

A hobby that involves not excludes other members of the family, is inexpensive, not time-consuming, varied and can be adjusted to the skills of each participant. Sounds like a dream?

If you enjoy decorating your home, are looking for an activity where you can involve your family or friends or quite contrary, you can forget about the outside world for a short while and would like to enjoy a bit of quiet time try painting and step into a world of imagination. Without enrolling for an art course in painting first you can already start planning how you would like to complement the decoration of your home. Your possibilities are endless!  From a little still life above the kitchen unit to a full wall scene, you can dream of creating anything.   One of the greatest things about it is that you do not even need to be precise in your planning because you can change the size, the shapes and the colours of your painted image as you go along. Choose the slides which are the closest match to your idea! Play around with them a little to find the ideal setting and grab a pencil then a paintbrush. Not a skilled artist? Challenge yourself! You will be surprised how well the pictures turn out! Read more on this page: Murals and Paintings.



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