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"My daughter loves the happy flowers on her bedroom walls. Just as pretty as the real ones. :-)" (Heidi)

"I painted together with my husband. We had great fun, absolutely loved it..." (Natalie)

"I never thought I was capable of painting such a good picture." (Susan)

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Baby Nursery

Nora’s first wall mural.


Little more than seven years ago when I was expecting my first baby, I was happily planning and arranging the nursery. During a visit to a different children’s centre, I came across a charming wall mural:  a lovely scene with familiar, little animals, pretty flowers and a beautiful meadow. I thought it would be just wonderful to have something similar in my baby’s room designed to match the interior, but I did not have faith in myself that I could paint one all alone. Soon after, I casually mentioned it to a friend who came up with a brilliant idea. When I got home I went through all the dusty old boxes up in my mum’s attic to find an old slide-projector from my childhood and the film strips that belonged to it. I had great fun looking at all the slides trying to find some suitable ones for my project. It was even more fun when I started the actual painting work on the walls. My mission inspired my brother and sister-in-law who joined in and within a couple of days, we completely transformed the room into a magical world of childhood stories. I not only spent an unforgettable, peaceful bonding time with my unborn baby while creating the wall pictures but discovered a gratifying new skill. My paintings are still adored by many visitors and most importantly my daughter Nora. What are you waiting for? Tap into your own creativity! Read more about how to start on this page: Murals and Paintings.




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