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"My daughter loves the happy flowers on her bedroom walls. Just as pretty as the real ones. :-)" (Heidi)

"I painted together with my husband. We had great fun, absolutely loved it..." (Natalie)

"I never thought I was capable of painting such a good picture." (Susan)

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How SliDecor came about


The idea of this store sprung from three things: our desire to become as good parents to our two loving daughters as we possibly can, our belief in and efforts for continual self-development and finally our fondness of crafting.

Besides giving them all our love we looked for ways of providing our children with a nurturing environment. First, we painted some funny and cute kid’s story scenes on the nursery walls while we were expecting our first daughter. I believe it was an extraordinary bonding time for all of us. As soon as Nora was capable of holding a pencil we introduced her to the enriching, rewarding experience of creation. Making is, fortunately, part of her everyday life now giving her immense joy and satisfaction for many years to come.

Is it also important for you to engage your children in educational, inspirational, fulfilling and fun activities? Do you feel like experimenting with this craft yourself? Well, mural painting surely gives everyone an insight into the magical world of art.

During our parental journey, we often have to face up to our limitations, that is probably to remind us the importance of constant and conscious self-improvement. Realising the need is just the first step. Finding an effective and practical method provides another obstacle. With a little inventiveness, we started using a similar projector we used for painting, as a tool for training and focusing our mind. We replaced a light bulb in one of our lamps with a projector lamp and now every time we turn on the light what we want to achieve is projected onto the wall.

This creative personal development technique brings about the result we seek without having to dedicate extra time to practising. Projected images and words can help you raise your or your loved one’s confidence level or give up a bad habit for example.

Finally, as a bonus, along the way, we recognised the opportunity of using the very same projector for decorating our home to make it more welcoming and unique to our family instead of buying the usual mass produced stuff for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations. We have a set of different slides ready for almost any family occasion. 

All the three ideas: the photo-realistic painting, the creative development and the light decor have been tried and tested on our projectors. It is amazing how we can utilize a simple, almost outdated device! I bet we could find some similar multi-purpose objects in our household, whose full range of functions have not yet been discovered. We will continue searching and if you follow us you will surely be in the know. Meanwhile, come and join us in projecting eye-catching images and brighten up your life.


If you have any questions or just would like to share your thoughts with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Hedi and Joel