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"My daughter loves the happy flowers on her bedroom walls. Just as pretty as the real ones. :-)" (Heidi)

"I painted together with my husband. We had great fun, absolutely loved it..." (Natalie)

"I never thought I was capable of painting such a good picture." (Susan)

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Child Crafting and Games

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An easy way to boost your child's confidence.

Painting a projected image is a hands-on art activity that not only improves imagination, hand-eye coordination but gives your child a unique sense of achievement.

It is adaptable to suit different ages and abilities. Even 4-5 year-olds who want quick results and still have a short attention span won’t get bored as this activity is built up of a sequence of fun tasks which will keep them entertained: choosing the design, projecting the slides, drawing the lines, painting the image and the best bit: adding the final finishing touches to the scene individually, free handed!
Mural painting works well with individuals and groups too. So if you are looking for an unusual birthday party activity which won’t cost you a fortune and ‘will do the thing’ do not look any further! This perfect imagination game will definitely be a hit with the kids.
Designate an area on a wall in your home which you allow your children to paint on. If you want a clean surface you can simply cover it with a coat of paint and it is ready to be used again. If you do not feel comfortable turning part of your house an art studio, just secure a large sheet of paper with blue tack on the wall or door to provide a surface for the artwork.
Read more about how it works here: Murals and Paintings

And don’t forget: Keep your children learning and creating every day and it will bring out the best in them!


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