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"My daughter loves the happy flowers on her bedroom walls. Just as pretty as the real ones. :-)" (Heidi)

"I painted together with my husband. We had great fun, absolutely loved it..." (Natalie)

"I never thought I was capable of painting such a good picture." (Susan)

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Creative Self-development

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Would you like to achieve a personal development goal, improve your mental and physical health or perhaps someone you love needs help fighting dementia?


Unbelievable as it may seem, we are confident that our projector kits will come handy here. Depending on your goal, you need a tool to help you stay focused, help you remember something or quite the opposite, to eliminate certain negative thoughts from your mind.

You have probably come across techniques where you are advised to write your goals down a couple of times a day. Well, we know how precious time is for you, so we suggest you project your development aims, positive thoughts and healing pictures on the wall through a light bulb or portable projector, instead. Whenever you switch that light on for a second only or leave it on for a longer period of time, you will surely take a glance at the message. The fact that your goals are literally in front of you frequently enough to bring some great results is priceless. You can't misplace them (as I often do with my notebooks) and you won't need to remember writing them daily! They will be at the top of your mind and become your mantra.

It is amazing how much positive effect these slides can have on someone's mindset. I use them to tackle my chronic procrastination,  to remember to do my Spanish vocabulary practice daily or to stay focused on my healthy eating habits no matter what.

Unfortunately, I have met so many people who have such negative outlook on life. They find it difficult to attract the right partner, success and happiness into their lives. Some even suffer from depression, live in constant stress, frustration or fear. Don't be one of them. Difficult times can seriously pose a threat to your physical and mental well-being.

Why not try this simple idea for an affordable price and see if you can transform your mindset and transform your life! It can take just a few words or beautiful picture. If you have looked at our slides and nothings clicks with you or can't find the goal among the list you would like to achieve, don't worry! We do custom slides to cater for your special needs.